Episode 2

March 24, 2021


Season 1, Episode 1-2: "Emissary"

Hosted by

Elyse Matt
Season 1, Episode 1-2: "Emissary"
The Pod-Wraiths: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast
Season 1, Episode 1-2: "Emissary"

Mar 24 2021 | 01:30:12


Show Notes

Here it is! Our first formal (supersized) episode! This week on DS9: We meet our new crew of Starfleet and Bajoran officers take command of an abandoned Cardassian space station, discoveries are made that have both personal and potentially galactic consequences. Editor’s Note: Something went wrong the first time I loaded the episode. Here is the new one, if you something else is funky that I missed please email or tweet at us! Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram: @podwraiths We wanna hear from you! Email us at [email protected] Please remember to rate and review the show! thank you to dj empirical for our theme

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